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Rotten Wood Repair inĀ Charlotte & Lake Norman, NC

Certain areas of a basement or crawl space can be vulnerable to wood rot if conditions persist. Water or insect damage can be severe, and professional wood replacement becomes your only option.

At DryWorx, our professionals have the expertise and latest equipment for reliable rotten wood repair in crawl spaces in Charlotte, Concord, Lake Norman, and across North Carolina. Rely on us for rotten wood repair or other water damage when damp conditions overtake your crawl space. Call 980-737-7727 or contact us online to reach a DryWorx crawl space wood repair expert.

rotten wood in crawl space

Crawl Space Wood Rot Issues | Call Us

Rotten wood in a crawl space or basement makes your property structurally vulnerable and lowers its value. D-I-Y solutions are never recommended, and delaying repairs can result in higher costs later. Turn to DryWorx for professional wood rot inspections, estimates and restoration. Return your crawl space or basement to a dry, waterproofed condition, and avoid structural and other water damage.

repairing rotten wood

Why Our Rotten Wood Repair in Gastonia?

Wood rot usually results from water damage. Water penetrates wood, can grow mold, and makes wood surfaces or structures vulnerable to rot. Crawl spaces or basements with wood surfaces, beams, or other components should be inspected regularly for water damage, especially after major storms or wet seasons. DryWorx tackles wood rot for:

  • Structural stability
  • Overall safety
  • Better air quality
  • Property value
  • Odor control
  • Crawl space or basement viability
rotten and damaged wood in crawl space

Rotten Wood Repair or Replacement? Ask Us

Rotten wood doesn't always indicate you need a complete wood replacement. Sometimes rot can be superficial, and the affected area remains stable. Fixing the moisture issue can halt the rotting process, and repairs can be minimal. It's an easier, more cost-effective solution.

But water damage and wood rot can be profound. Replacement might be the best or only option, especially if rot goes deep, or there's insect damage. Always trust a professional first, and DryWorx is your No. 1 option for rotten wood damage in a wet crawl space or basement.

Let Us Repair Your Rotten Crawl Space or Basement Wood in Charlotte

At DryWorx, our professionals have the expertise to effectively solve your water damage and wood rot issues. We assist customers with crawl space repair, basement waterproofing, moisture control, and more. We are available in Denver, Sherrills Ford, Mooresville, Cornelius, Huntersville, and more North Carolina cities. Call 980-737-7727 or contact us online to book an appointment with a DryWorx crawl space wood repair specialist.

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Charlotte, NC

DryWorx removed all rotten wood underneath the porch and installed new pressure treated lumber to properly support the load. We also installed a 20mil High Strength vapor barrier with a 100 pint April Aire Dehumidifier to control the moisture issues.

Sherrills Ford, NC

Crawlspace Repair and Dehumidifier Installation

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