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Rotten Wood Repair in Charlotte, Lake Norman, & Denver, NC

If you have any musty smells, soft and spongy floors, timber damage, and more then your crawl space needs to be checked by a professional. It could indicate one thing that is, the health of your crawl space is in danger. There might be rotten wood or girder damage in your crawl space.

Call DryWorx at 980-737-7727 to find out the exact reason with an effective solution. Our professionals are here to help you with any crawl space repair services. You can also talk to our experts online.

rotten wood in crawl space

How Dangerous Rotten Wood Can Be?

Rotten wood can pose a serious risk to you and your property. It leaves your property in a vulnerable state. Which can eventually lead to structural damage. It's always better to call a professional for inspection after any water disaster or rain. They can help you identify rotten wood with effective solutions for your crawl space.

repairing rotten wood

Benefits of Repairing Rotted Wood

Rotted wood usually happens from water damage. Water penetrated inside the wood and grew mold eventually rotting the wood. Thus, it’s better to get your crawl space inspected by a professional after the rainy season. Repairing has multiple benefits,

  • Structural Integrity
  • Satefy Ensured
  • Increase Durability of House
  • Preserve Home Value
rotten and damaged wood in crawl space

Should You Need Repair or Replacement?

Rotten wood doesn't always mean that you need to replace it. If the area is not severely damaged or there is any moisture damage then this area can be restored simply by repairing the air. Sometimes it's easier and less expensive.

However, if the damage is severe and repair costs more than replacement then you should go for replacement services. But sometimes for historical significance, you might want to repair the wood. Whatever the case is, better leave it to a professional. Call a professional today to inspect the area and let them decide which is better for you.

Make Smart Investment with Us!

At DryWorx our professionals have the expertise and necessary skills to solve the issues effectively. Our professionals can effectively restore your crawl space. You can rely on us for any crawl space repair, basement, or moisture control services. We are available in Denver, Sherrills Ford, Mooresville, Cornelius, Huntersville, and other surrounding areas in Greater Charlotte, NC.

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Charlotte, NC

DryWorx removed all rotten wood underneath the porch and installed new pressure treated lumber to properly support the load. We also installed a 20mil High Strength vapor barrier with a 100 pint April Aire Dehumidifier to control the moisture issues.

Sherrills Ford, NC

Crawlspace Repair and Dehumidifier Installation

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