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Crawl Space Repair Services in Charlotte, Lake Norman, Gastonia, & Denver, NC

Surprisingly many crawl spaces have support systems that aren't strong enough or aren't built well enough, so they need crawl space repairs by any proven professionals like Dryworx Crawlspace & Basement Solutions. When these structural supports start to break down, it can cause many problems at home or office. Early detection is the most efficient and economical way to secure your property from damage in Kings Mountain, Stanley, Lincolnton, Gastonia, and other cities we serve in the Greater Charlotte, NC, area.

The foundation of a building is at risk when a crawl space starts to sink and sag. Over time, symptoms become varied & more severe. Indicators that you need crawl space repair include:

  • Sagging or Sinking Floors
  • Sticking or Jamming Doors
  • Mice and Pest Infestations
  • Odors Coming from the Crawl Space
  • High Indoor Humidity Readings
  • Cracks Along Interior Drywall Surfaces

Among the crawl space repairs we provide for homeowners & business owners include drainage, dehumidification, encapsulation, and crawl space mold remediation. To learn more about our products, services, and technicians, give us a call at 980-737-7727 to get a free estimate. You can also click here to make a reservation for services online.

Professional worker repairing crawl space

Causes of Crawl Space Issues Addressed by DryWorx

In most instances, crawl spaces have structural issues for the following four reasons:

  • Insufficient Crawl Space Supports: Several crawl spaces are constructed with supports that are too wide apart to adequately sustain the weight of the home pushing down on them. /li>
  • Supports Sinking Crawl space: The soil will compress and the supports will sink if it is not robust enough to bear the weight being transferred through them.
  • Moisture, Mold, and Rot Damage: Mold, mildew, and rot can flourish in a damp or humid crawl area. Because of the mold's effect on the wooden framework of your home, the floor can eventually droop.
  • Insects, Termites, and Other Pests: Crawl spaces are a perfect breeding ground for wood-destroying insects like termites, carpenter ants, and powderpost beetles due to their warm, dark, and moist conditions. Termites infest about one in every thirty homes every year.

Crawl space sealing, addressing moisture sources, and additional structural supports can prevent all of the aforementioned problems.

Our Crawl Space Repair Checklist at DryWorx Crawlspace & Basement Solutions in Charlotte, NC

Our crawl space experts specialize in this environment and have seen what works and does not work by repairing thousands of crawl spaces over the years. Because of this, our DryWorx crews provide faster, more reliable, and warrantied repairs when we dry & repair your crawl space. Our checklist for crawl space repair services includes:

  • Drying Your Crawl Space: If your crawl space is suffering from rot, mold, and moisture damage, the key to preventing new damage is to dry and seal the space with a vapor barrier. At Dryworx, our technicians can waterproof, dry, and insulate your crawl space, converting it into a healthier, longer-lasting space that can be used for storage.
  • Repairing Your Crawl Space: Some techniques for fixing a crawl space are good, some are great, and some don't appear to work at all, but that's to be expected, just like with any other home improvements. Because of this, our teams use a variety of methods. Some of our repair options are:
  • Lift the Foundation & Extend Supports: After the floor has been raised, the space between the raised floor and the tops of the supports is filled with blocks of wood.
  • Additional Shimming for Supports: If the crawl space supports have sunk into the ground, the height of the supports can be raised by adding more shims. This entails mechanically elevating the floor to a position higher than its intended height. The spaces along the top of the support column are then filled with wood or metal pieces. The "extended" columns are then used to support the building when it is lowered into place.
  • Repair the Damaged Wood: After the rotted timber is completely removed, the old wood in the crawl space has been replaced with new wooden construction.
  • Replacing or Removing Damaged Wood: The alternative is to remove and replace all the wood that has been damaged by moisture and mildew. Although it is necessary to repair or replace rotten timber, this only solves part of the problem. All potential sources of moisture must be eliminated for long-term success.
  • Add Concrete Support Columns: Lifting the floor upward and installing supplementary concrete columns is necessary. Shims are utilized to seal the spaces between the base of each column and the subfloor.
  • Add Light-Duty Supports: On the floor of the crawl space, lightweight, portable, metal support platforms are installed. Each one is set at the proper height (without shimmying).
  • Install Heavy-Duty Supports: Galvanized steel is used for the heavy-duty supports in the crawl space. Each one is set at the proper height (without shimming).

Contact DryWorx for Crawl Space Repairs in Mount Holly, Charlotte, Lincolnton, & Stanley

Our company is family-owned, licensed, and insured. For many years, we have served homeowners & business owners in Charlotte, Iron Station, Mount Holly, Denver, and other NC cities within our service area by providing a wide array of crawl space repairs. With our personalized approach and advanced techniques, we can deliver all of your crawl space repair needs, including dehumidification, encapsulation, and mold remediation. For additional information, dial 980-737-7727 or click here to secure our services online in North Carolina.

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