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Crawl Space Insulation in Charlotte & Lake Norman, NC

Insulating your crawl space is a great way to make your home energy efficient. It can help to keep your floors warm during winter and cool during summer. This will allow you to have a lower heating or cooling cost. Moreover, it will prevent any mold issues and additional health issues that come along with it.

There are multiple ways to insulate your crawl space. To know which type will be best for your crawl space and effective installation rely on DryWorx’s professionals.

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Insulation Preparation for Crawl Space

As the crawl space is a tight place it is important to prepare the area before insulation. The crawl space insulation follows a few steps:

Crawl Space Insulation Process

Crawl space insulation often requires a professional's help. As professionals have the necessary skills and equipment to insulate your crawl space effectively. However, the process follows:

Choose insulation material: Based on your climate, moisture issues and foundation type the insulation material varies. Some popular materials include fiberglass batt insulation. blown in cellulose, rigid foam board insulation, and closed cell spray foam insulation.

Remove old insulation (if there is any): Make sure to dispose of the old insulation properly. Especially if it has any mold or damage.

Dry out the whole area: Any moisture issues need to be addressed to avoid any mold growth in the future. If dehumidification is needed our professionals do that as well.

Seal all air leaks: Sealing air leaks is one of the tricky and important parts. Look for any cracks or gaps in the crawl space and seal them. Sealing the crawl space will allow you to save energy.

Install a barrier: Installing a plastic vapor barrier will prevent ground moisture from damaging your crawl space. Usually, polyethylene plastic sheeting is a great option for a plastic vapor barrier.

Install the insulation correctly: After following all the steps above it's important to install the insulation correctly. This depends a lot on the crawl space type whether it's correctly vented or not. Complete coverage is needed to ensure effective insulation.

Get a Professional Help for Effective Insulation

Even though you can install crawl space insulation by yourself, it'd be better for you to seek professional help. As crawl space is a congested place it often requires

Special attention. Ignoring small things might lead to ineffective installation. Moreover, you need professional help for many things. Like:

Moisture Issues: If you don't treat the moisture issues properly, it might lead to mold growth. Whereas, professionals will use special methods to dry out the whole area.

Uneven Surface: If you have an uneven crawl space surface them rigid foam board will be a better option for you. But it's difficult to install.

Proper Ventilation: A professional will ensure proper ventilation to prevent all moisture issues along with structural issues.

Guaranteed Outcome: As professionals have the necessary expertise, skills, and equipment they can do effective insulation avoiding costly mistakes.

How Do You Know Your Crawls Space Needs Insulation?

Signs Inside Your Home

If you notice any of the signs like inconsistency or uneven temperature, high utility bills, and moisture issues in your home then there is a high possibility that you need crawl space insulation.

Check Your Floor

If you notice a really cold floor in winter or it has a noticeable temperature difference between room and floor, then you might need crawl space insulation.

Check Your Crawl Space Condition

Check your crawl space with a flashlight and look for any sagging or deteriorating insulation. If you found any seek professional help.

Rely on Our Experts

If you suspect any crawl space issues then call our professional. Our experts will do a free inspection to ensure a better home for you. 

Get a Healthy & Dry Crawl Space with Us!

Most of people often ignore the health of the crawl space or what's beneath the house. However, the health of your crawl space matters as it's related to your home's health. If the crawl space is in bad shape then the indoor air quality will degrade. However, DryWorx is here to ensure a healthy crawl space, basement, or foundation. Our experts are licensed and insured.

With years of knowledge and skills, they can provide you with effective solutions to your foundation issues. We maintain clear communication and focus on customer satisfaction. We have 5/5 star reviews. If you are from Denver, Mooresville, Cornelius, Huntersville, and other cities we serve in the Greater Charlotte, NC, area then dial 980-737-7727. You can also talk to an expert for an appointment.


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