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Interior Basement Drainage

An interior basement drainage system is designed to manage and redirect water that may enter a basement, preventing issues such as flooding, water damage, and mold growth. Here's a description of the key components of an interior basement drainage system:

French drainage system
  1. Perimeter Drainage Channel:
    • A trench is excavated along the interior perimeter of the basement floor.
    • A perforated drain pipe, often made of PVC, is placed in the trench to collect water.
    • The pipe is covered with a layer of washed gravel to allow water to flow easily into the system.
  2. Sump Pump Pit:
    • A sump pump pit, or basin, is installed at the lowest point of the drainage system.
    • The perforated drain pipes from the perimeter channel direct water to the sump pump pit.
  3. Sump Pump:
    • A sump pump is installed inside the sump pump pit.
    • When water accumulates in the pit, a float switch activates the pump, and it pumps the water out of the basement and away from the foundation.
  4. Check Valve:
    • A check valve is typically installed on the discharge pipe from the sump pump.
    • It prevents water from flowing back into the sump pump pit after the pump has expelled it.
  5. Backflow Prevention:
    • Some systems include a backflow prevention device to ensure that water from the exterior drainage system doesn't flow back into the basement.

How It Works:

installation of a tailored drainage system for efficient water management.
  1. Water Collection: When water enters the basement, it is directed to the perimeter drainage channel.
  2. Perforated Pipe:
    • The perforated drain pipe collects the water from the channel.
    • Gravity helps move the water toward the sump pump pit.
  3. Sump Pump Activation:
    • When the water level in the sump pump pit rises, the float switch activates the sump pump.
    • The sump pump pumps the water out of the pit and away from the foundation.
  4. Discharge:
    • The water is discharged through a pipe that extends from the sump pump to the exterior of the home.


  1. Prevents Basement Flooding: By effectively managing and redirecting water, interior drainage systems help prevent basement flooding.
  2. Reduces Moisture: By controlling water infiltration, these systems reduce moisture levels in the basement, minimizing the risk of mold and mildew.
  3. Protects Foundation: Proper drainage helps protect the foundation from water-related damage and soil erosion.

Choose DryWorx for an interior basement drainage system that combines innovation, expertise, and reliability. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your basement stays dry and protected, providing a safe and comfortable living space for years to come.

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