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Sealing Crawl Space in Charlotte & Lake Norman, NC

Make sure that the crawl space is sealed when you are moving into your new home. There are so many things to consider when you are buying a new home. A seal crawl space is one of them. It might seem like a minor issue to you but it can be the cause of your headache in the future.

Whether it's your new home or an old one you should seal your crawl space to ensure a better place. And to do that you can rely on DryWorx's experts. Our experts are here in Charlotte & Lake Norman, NC to help you with your crawl space issues.


Benefit of Crawl Space Sealing

Prevent Mold Growth & Wood Rot: Sealing the crawl space will help prevent moisture issues along with mold growth. Moisture

Pest Control: Damp, wet places are like a haven for pet infestation. However, crawl space sealing will fix this issue.

Energy Efficiency: Humid or moisture places might create pressure on your HVAC system can increase the bill. But sealing can solve it.

Investment Protection: Sealing your crawl space will increase your property value while protecting your investment.

Crawl Space Sealing Process

The crawl space sealing process involves several steps to seal the crawl space effectively while preventing moisture issues. Our comprehensive sealing process involves the following process:

Crawl Space Sealing Method

There are multiple ways to seal the crawl space. That includes:

Vapor Barrier: A durable and heavy plastic sheet installed on the floor. It creates a moisture barrier and prevents moisture issues.

Foundation Vent Sealing: One vent allows moisture to enter the crawl space and create moisture issues. However, sealing the vent will prevent these issues.

Insulated Walls: Insulating foundation walls also help you prevent moisture issues in your crawl space.

Dehumidifier: If you have excess moisture issues then dehumidification can help you to manage these issues.

Ineffective sealing or crawl space will bring the moisture issues back. Thus, it's better to rely on professionals to seal your crawl space properly. Professionals have the necessary knowledge and equipment to seal your crawl space effectively. Additionally, it will minimize the risk of possible accidents. You can trust our experts for sealing your crawl space.

Crawl Space Sealing Cost

It's hard to give an exact figure for crawl space sealing. It depends on factors like the size of the crawl space, the complexity of that place, the condition of your place, and more. A professional will initially inspect your crawl space and then they will provide an estimation to you. You can reach out to us for a free inspection.

Sealed Crawl Space & Healthy Home

Even if you ignore the health of your crawl space indoor air quality depends a lot on your crawl space health Sealing your crawl space will improve the health of your crawl space. It will prevent moisture issues along with reducing allergen issues. Moreover, mold can worsen your respiratory disease whereas sealing can prevent it.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality with Us!

At DryWorx, we are a locally-based, veteran-owned business that specializes in crawl space, basement waterproofing, and structural repairs. Our experts have been serving homeowners and business owners for many years. Our quality of work, dedication, and effort make us stand out in the crowd. We prioritize customer satisfaction along with customer work quality.

Also, we have our own Angi Award for our work. If you are from Charlotte, DenverLake Norman, Concord, and other areas we serve then call us at 980-737-7727 to ensure a better crawl space. You can also contact us today to book an appointment with us.


What Our Customers Say

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Jason and his Crew did a wonderful job on encapsulating our crawlspace. They were very detailed in their work. They took the time to explain how the dehumidifier and sump pumps work... Read more about Chris HRead More

I had a great experience. I had several estimates and they were by far the best for the quality. They were thorough and knowledgeable and honest in telling me I ... Read more about Susan G reviewRead More

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